Boost your revenues with growth hacking

What is growth hacking?

Growh hacking was introduced by Sean Ellis, a worker for Dropbox, when he tried to defne his work in the agency.

Growth haking can be defned as a state of spirit to achieve his objectives by every possible means and at a minimum cost.

To reach his objectives, a growth hacker should has numerous skills in various felds : marketing, programming, sociology, data analysis… and a good web culture.

For example, Growth hacking can be adding additional storage space for a user who sponsor a new subscriber (Dropbox), insertion of a sign in mails send by users, “Mail send from my Iphone”, “PS: I love you. Get your free email at Hotmail. ”, the use of high quality photos (AirBnb)… or by the share on social networks, creation of content with viral potential, share of promotional code…

To resume, all these techniques need a minimal amount of finance and allows in the same time a fast growth.

A growth hacker’s toolbox brings together numerous devices, from the management of social networks, data analysis, and sentiment analysis, to the send of e-mail marketing… you will find some tools below.

Some tools of a growth hacker

Social networks : targeted means of communication and platforms of data sharing, social networks as a data base or communication medium are a basic tool of a growth hacker.

Posts programmation on social medias: Clocktweets, Hootsuite and bufer

Tools of marketing automation: Hubspot, AgileCrm, SendinBlue

Tools of data analysis: Google analytics, KiSSmetrics, Xiti (suite ATInternet)

SEO tools: Ahref, ATInternet, SEMRush, Searchman

That list is non exhaustive and is only a preview of tools that can be used for a growth hacking strategy.

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